Fourth Theme-Purity of a Forest

A forest, a woodland, the trees are all tied together to represent something so pure, so serene and so close to the heart of mother earth, that we had to represent them all in our collection under the theme ‘Purity of a Forest’. Thus our fourth theme. Inspired by the serene forest every outfit under the theme conveys a calm, serene and tranquil feeling in someway or the other. The outfits give a feeling of a pleasant, noiseless purity in its true sense.

All the outfits in this collection are very flowy with kalis stitched together to give a slimmer and taller look. To justify the ‘purity’ part of the theme the color of all the outfits have been kept in the family of whites and the outfits have one or the other element of forest incorporated in them.

The first outfit is a floral satin yoke stitched to a georgette jacquard kali skirt. The floral
DI8A3403 yoke helps add color to the garment and makes it look cheerful. It has been accessorised with a antique gold lace and satin red lace.The outfit reminds me of  a colourful flowerbed followed by pure calm and peace. The gold lace gives the dress a bejewelled look to add character to the forest and make it look rich.

The second outfit is an undisturbed, peaceful kali dress with the kalis starting from the DI8A3426shoulder. As we hover down to the cuff of the sleeve and  twelve inches above the hem we have embroideries in antique golden thread which capture the true represent mother nature intended it to be.atf the leaves, flowers and branches of the trees of the forest the way

The third outfit is a satin golden lehengas with a white jacquard net for jacket. The DI8A3617jacquard jacket has noticeable floral pattern to justify its significance with the forest.This outfit however reminds me more of a blooming spring forest. As you enter the forest you seem to be welcomed by trees full of beautiful flowers, but as you keep moving deeper into the forest you are met by a tranquil, soothing feeling of calm and divinity.

The fourth outfit is a yoke anarakali dress again. An off-white, collared, yoke is stitched DI8A3596to, again an off-white kali skirt to give a very pleasant, noiseless feel with a touch of simplicity. It has been given minimalistic embroidery on the cuff of the sleeve representing branches of the trees of the forest , to keep the pleasant and serene feel intact

That all from my side on the fourth theme. Keep a lookout for the blog on our next theme. Can you guess the theme from the video –

psst…its something to do with the royalty and an affair ….:)


A Sweet Romance.What is romance? Romance is a feeling of excitement, a mystery , a feeling of attraction associated with love. A love between two partners. A love which helps pull through all the agonies that life might bestow upon us. Hence this collection of ours is built around the best part of the  lovely feeling of  Love –  Romance.  In the outfits under this theme we have tried to induce the same sense of excitement, that mystery, that sense of feeling loved. These gowns are most glamorous and elaborate outfits of the the whole collection.

While the gowns are all one of its kind they share a common features. That is the skirt part of the gown has inverted gathersInverted gathers just below the upper torso.They start from the centre waist and go towards both left and right hems without adding any bulk to the waist (as shown in the picture . This makes the gown look elaborate and waistlines look slimmer

The first outfit is a sleeveless, v-necked, dark violet gown. It is back less and of floor length with a wide hem to add glamour to the gown. The ascending embroidery centre hem helps

Outfit 1add that element of surprise and give the ethnic touch to the outfit. The gathers on the left side of the garment have been swept across to the right side and have been tucked and stitched together to give a unique fall.

The lower part of the second and third gown are very similar.Its a full length, wide hemmed taffeta skirt with  inward gather . The upper torsos are however very different for both the gown. The taffeta skirt has been left plain on purpose so as not to draw outfit 2away any attention from the rich and attractive upper torso. While for the second outfit the embroidery of antique gold thread dancing on the surface of the raw silk givOutfit 3es that touch of indianness, the lace fabric in the upper torso of the third outfit adds a sense of freshness to the whole collection

The outfits under this theme have been designed for an evening cocktail event.The outfits can be accessorise with simple stud earrings , smokey eyes and bright lips.

This brings us to the end of our third and the most the elaborate collection. Do let us know your thoughts on the design and the overall theme.

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This brings us to our second theme – “The Sea” . When I am on beach and I stretch my vision beyond the vicinity of the lovely sand to the sea all I notice is how beautiful the color of the sea is. A rare mix of a sea frost green and a sea blue.Our second theme is inspired from these colours

Anarkali dresses of crepe silk fabric are teamed with off-white, silk, net dupatta of floral patterns (for the ethnic touch) to give us the dresses which so define ‘The Sea’  . In both the outfits the kalis have been stitched together from shoulder down to give the wearer a a longer waist, thus making her look slimmer and taller. The crepe silk gives the anarkalis a flow that paints me a mental image of the waves and the vast marine stretch. The floral laces at the hem of the outfit remind me of the flora at the bottom of the sea swaying and dancing with the flow and perhaps singing to the rhythm of the water. The dupatta synchronises with lace and also joins in on the melody.

Inspired by the sea the first outfit is of the color- ‘Sea Blue’. Its a sleeveless anarkali style dress with white floral silk godets attached thigh down to give the outfit more flow. TheUntitled-2 Untitled-2outfit has a high neck keyhole back to add that extra edge. The godets along with the blue kalis give the delusion of foam formed due to the wild splashing waves on the beaches along the horizon of the blue sea.

Untitled-3The second outfit on the other hand is of that rare sea frost green that you see when you look deep down into the sea from above. Unlike the first outfit the second outfit is a full sleeved anarkali dress, with white floral, silk lace stitched to the hem of the outfit and to the hem of the sleeves. In this case the laces are a reminder of a lesser foam formed by smaller periodic waves on the surface of the shallow water with beautiful flora underneath.

The outfits under this theme are designed for a midday, dressy, ethnic gathering at a friend’s house. It can be simply accessorised with a pair of heavy ethnic danglers and glittery stiletto  pumps. While the outfits were designed for a day event, it can also be worn for an evening cocktail with the right make up. Smokey eyes and hot red lipstick can make this simple daywear a hot evening sensation.

These outfits are a fusion or samikshran of simplicity of the dress with the touch of Indianness through the dupatta to give the whole outfit a very indo-western look, thus justifying its relevance to the umbrella theme ‘Samasa/Vilay’.

This brings us to the end of our blog on our second theme-‘The Sea’. We hope you like it. Do write to us your view on our depiction of the concept.

Happy Reading!!!!


Fashion Seminar:Theme 1- The Desi Prom

Our first theme was the ‘Desi Prom’. Prom is the first adult social event of a teenager. This is the first time a girl gets to dress like a women with poise walking down the stairs to join the party. Hence it marks the beginning of adulthood for the girl for social events .So this theme of ours was inspired by the touch of youth injected into a feel of sophistication brought together by the fusion of a desi style jacket upon a prom dress.

A bustier net torso with semi sweet heart neck line has been stitched to full hem skirt to give a full hemmed bustier gown . The soft net used in the gown lets it fall well at the hem. This gown has been teamd up with an angrakha style jacket buttoned at the collar bone and Untitled-2opening up at the waist to give the gown a fuller look. The fuller hem helps create a delusion of a thinner waistline and makes the outfit look dressy and elaborate. The jacket can either be worn buttoned up or unbuttoned . Buttoned up the jacket opens slightly at the waist to make the adourner look slim . Unbuttoned the jacket helps hide the extra arm fat and makes the arm look slimmer because of the fitted sleeve.

The first outfit of this theme is a wine coloured bustier dress of net fabric with a DI8A3677DI8A3679
contrasting beige embroidered jacket of raw silk. The beige jacket has an antique gold embroidery all over the front overlapping part of the jacket . The underlapping part as well as the sleeves have been left plain in order to keep attention onto the overlapping part. The jacket has a full embroidered back to make the look dressy from the back as well

DI8A3710The second outfit is relatively simpler. Its a pink bustier,net dress with a greyish silver angrakha jacket of raw silk. While the second outfit is similar to the first outfit,the angrakha jacket of this outfit has embroidery only along the neckline on the overlapping part. Thus all the attention is concentrated on the leafy embroidery of antique gold thread. The idea behind minimalistic embroidery on this jacket is not to draw attention away from the rich vibrant greyish color of the raw silk of the jacket.

The dressy gown can be worn to a formal dinner accessorised with nothing but a string of pearl. For a later ethnic gathering (an engagement or a sangeet ) the angrakha jacket can be added to the gown to make it an ethnic look.

The outfits if this theme are advisable to wear for evening events typically because of the elaborate hems and embroidered raw silk jackets.But if someone can carry this look elegantly for a mid day event ,then it can be worn during the day as well.

Desi prom in its true sense is  a samikshran or fusion of a western style prom gown with a desi style jacket to justify the umbrella theme ‘Samasa’. On that note we conclude our blog on the first theme.

Do keep a lookout for our next blog…


Fashion Seminar:Yea or Nay????

Its been quite a while since the last blog by VastrArt. So what were we upto in the last 3 months? VastrArt was venturing towards building the first ever elaborate collection and organising an event called ‘Closet Tea’ in collaboration with ‘Living Loom’ and ‘Coffee Bytes’.  What is Closet Tea? Sounds a little conspicuous, doesn’t it? Before your imagination goes wild let me explain – ‘Closet tea’ was a Hi-tea fashion seminar showcasing outfits you would want in your closet along with an understanding as to what to wear when and how. It was a two hour event starting with the showcase and presentation by VastrArt, followed by unveiling of the magazine “Coffee bytes” and finally concluded with a meme on “the story of Indigo” by ‘Living Loom”. VastrArt felt priviledged to have got the opportunity to showcase our first ever elaborate collection- ’Samasa/ Vilay’ in this event of which two other very promising brands ‘Living Loom’ and ‘Coffee Bytes’ were a part of. ‘Living Loom’ is an ethnic  brand which showcases handmade, handwoven textiles such as scarves, wraps, sarees, dupattas, home furnishings with the most elegant fall and rich color (for enquiries contact: ‘Coffee Bytes’ on the other hand is a tabloid that wishes to play the role of an oasis for the thirsty mind, through light articles which are rich in content (

Exhibitions and fashion runways are definitely very evolved ways of showcasing a collection. Then why a seminar? VastrArt had three objectives to fulfil through this event. First to showcase our very own collection. Second to educate the audience about the various cuts and silhouettes as well as relate each outfit to the inspiration that helped design the outfit. Third and the most important objective was to help them visualise themselves in the outfit by letting them know which event the outfit is appropriate for.

The idea behind a nonconventional way of showcase was to have a more interactive session with the audience. Make them feel more connected to the collection. Making them understand that every outfit can be altered to match every individual’s personal style, their distinctive appearance, their typical way of dressing.

This collection was an ensemble of six different themes under the umbrella concept ‘Samasa’. ’Samasa’ means fusion, fusion of the best features of the east and west taken together to give something truly contemporary with an ethnic touch to. Every theme was unique on its own, however they were all tied together by the concept of ‘Samasa’.

The seminar turned out to be a very good learning experience for VastrArt. It helped VastrArt understand fairly new elements, addition of which could make the same outfit look funky from classy. The experience was a valuable one and the takeaways were immense .VastrArt is looking forward to many such events in the near future.

The video promotion of the collection would be out soon on our Facebook page. Keep a lookout for the same.

Do give us your feedback on the idea of a fashion seminar (good,bad,ugly, feel free to voice your opinion). Do write to us and let us know whether you would be invested in the idea of such a seminar in your city. (You can comment in the comment section or write a personalised message to us on our  Facebook page). Happy Reading!!!

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Navratri and Dusshera

Hey girls ….it is that time of the year, when you start preparing yourself for the much awaited Navratri and Dusshera festival.

Dandiya nights have become synonymous with Navratra celebrations. And Dandiya night means just the time when you go out looking to rent out colourful lehenga cholis navratriand  couple them with your silver jewellery. It is cost effective and you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on an outfit which you get to wear just once a year. But not all of us are comfortable with the idea of wearing a rented outfit. But if we even remotely consider buying a new outfit just for Dandiya, the thought of spending so much money prevents us from buying it. So how about making a inexpensive Dandiya outfit which you can probably reinvent and use it later.

So for our Dandiya ensemble let’s pick out the skirt first. I will probably want to go for a black eight ‘kali’ skirt in thick material (maybe raw silk). I would team the skirt up with a plain black wide necked raw silk blouse (to beat the Mumbai weather). The skirt can be used as a party wear later with maybe a black tank top and a neck piece and the blouse can easily be teamed up with any saree (we know that black blouse is a necessity in even women’s wardrobe, because it goes well with any saree). For the Dandiya touch now, you could team it up with a ‘Kutch’ dupatta that has ‘Kutchi’ embroidery and mirror work. The whole ensemble can be accessorised with just a pair of oxidised silver Jhumkas. And we are all set for an evening of Dandiya with our friends!!

After Navratri comes the Dusshera evening. The day marks the victory of Goddess Durga over demon Mahishasura, the defeat of evil Ravana by Lord Ram. This day symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It is a day of rejoice and certainly a day to celebrate. So in the spirit of the festivities I would like to curate two looks with bright colors to signify the joy and happiness that the day brings to us.
For the first look for Dusshera, I am going to wear a kurta with a skirt. I am going to
choose a plain bright, solid kurta with a block print skirt with a stole. The bright color is going to keep up the spirit of festivities, the block print is going to add that element of elegance and the stole would make the whole outfit look dressy. So I am going to fish that solid orange, A-line kurta(red, pink, yellow, bright blue or bright green can also be your choice of color. The idea is to avoid earthy ensemble-1colors) out of my pile of clothes and team it up with a block print wrap around skirt and bright stole on the neck. While choosing the skirt and stole I would keep in mind that the color of the stole and skirt should complement my kurta. A wrap around, because they can help comfortably beat the humidity of Mumbai, they are dressy and they fall well with the A-line kurta. A bright stole, because they make the look more festive. With this outfit I would wear my hair up in a high bun on the crown to draw the attention to my stole. Heavily kohled eyes, a dash of nude lips, elaborate ethnic, oxidized silver earrings, tan brown jootis and I am ready with my first look.

For the second look I am going to get a little unconentional. I am going to choose a really long(below or just about reaching my ankle, and if it is difficult to find this long a kurta then we can do with kurta reaching your shin), oversized (very loose), A-line kurta with an open round neck . Kurta has to be either bright colored or printed (to make it look happy and in the spirit of festivity). I am going to wear it like a dress, so I am going to make sure it doesn’t have a slit (If you are uncomfortable wearing it like a dress, you the-look-2can easily team it up with a pair of extremely loose solid palazzos. Do remember that the color of the palazzo should complement your kurta). An oversized kurta, because it falls well on all body types. It is comfortable to pull off. It is super elegant and it helps break the myth that you need to accentuate your curves to look chic. Now for the hair, I am going to again wear my hair in a high up bun. I am going to finish the look with a set of heavily kohled eyes, pink natural lips, neck accessory (like the picture) and matching kolhapuri chappals.

So I am colorfully ready for Dusshera this year….


Dressy Weekdays….

All of us have been in a situation where we have one of those weekdays when suddenly we realise we have a red carpet office party which we had forgotten about. Let’s not count out the girls outing where everyone had decided to dress up and it slipped your mind. Hence you end up looking all washed out in your white shirt and black formal as against the people who are all dolled up. So maybe we can curate a formal attire in a way, that adding one accessory and just a lip colour will make us all ready to party


So ladies let me present to you a very interesting fabric- ‘polyester’. This is a fabric which is flattering on all body type (as long as you wear your size) and looks super dressy as well as casual at the same time.   A full sleeved, collared, polyester shirt or a three quartered sleeved polyester top can work wonders .We can team up a pastel colored polyester shirt/top with a bottom of any colour for the perfect formal look. Teaming up a dark coloured polyester top with a dark  bottom helps me hide that extra holiday weight I might be carrying.

Low waisted Cotton spandex pencil fit pants go well with collared shirts
skinny-pantshigh-waisted-pants while high waisted, polyester, flared pants compliments polyester tops. Personally I like
tucking my shirt/top in, however it depends on your comfortability how you want to wear your top. If you are into skirts a polyester top tucked into pencil-fit skirt works well. For those of us who are relatively curvy and would want to try skirts, it’s advisable to team up your polyester top with a mid waisted, A-line skirts with the top tucked out to give a slimmer look.


For that perfect formal look I would want to finish it with a pair of block heels with cushioning at the heel for a long day (cushioning makes its comfortable to stand with heels on, all day through ). The block heels however give my strides confidence and stability.

So now if I have a party to go to I can simply wear a beaded neckpiece .With a polyester shirt. I would wear a princess length neckpiece (17”-19”) with the collar button unbuttoned  so that the neckpiece is visible in between the collar giving it a classy look. princessmatinee-lengthFor polyester top I would prefer the beads to be of matinee length (20”-24”) so that it simply falls on my collar bone on to my chest. A dark color bead would go well with a pastel top while a light colored one would give the dark colored top that hint of sophistication.

Now just a dash of red lip color and ladies you are ready to Partyyyyyyyy…..

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Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu : The bride

About 11 months back when I was a bride to be, I remember the sheer confusion I had to go through while deciding my outfit. I was fascinated by every pretty outfit I saw on any fashion magazine, any weekly, billboard or any social media site. The myriad of design choices just added to the confusion of what I should wear which would definitely go well with the decor and would look perfect on me. I was however sure of one thing,  even though the trend was contrast I wanted complementary colors for my outfit. This meant if I am getting an orange lehenga, then it had to be complemented with a red or a pink choli and dupatta. If I am getting a blue lehenga then the colour I would choose would be a green or a teal for my choli and dupatta.

Fashion being my passion I kind of enjoyed the initial visit to a zillion stores, looking for the right outfit .However as time passed it started getting a  little disappointing and frustrating not to be able to find the right outfit which would complement my taste and would be well within my budget.Not to mention the plethora of fatigue attributed to the  endless hours of waiting in the traffic going from shop to shop. So I woke up one fine Sunday morning (All great ideas come on a Sunday morning!!) and decided to get a custom-made lehenga from scratch. I decided to go hunt for a tailor first, then get the requisite raw material, sit and decide the design I want and get the lehenga stitched from scratch. So girls let me take you through my journey of curating my bridal look.

I am 5 ft 6 inches with an athletic built and medium skin tone. In terms of my taste in clothing,  generally am not very fond of blings. Hence I wanted a lehenga which doesn’t have a lot of work on it yet looks gorgeous and rich. Thus raw silk would be my fabric of choice. Raw silk is a rich and heavy fabric. Outfits made out of raw silk generally do not  need a lot of work to look exquisite.

Then comes the colors: orange and hot pink (Sarcastic Note:Wow !!!! What a surprise, like bride’s never choose these colors!!!). Hot pink kind of complements my brown skinned complexion and I believe orange complements pink perfectly well. My athletic built renders me a set of broad shoulders and relatively muscular arm, so I need an outfit which would hide my flaws and takes the attention of my broad waist. So a raw silk choli with tapered
3/4th arm can do the trick for me. Since bling is not my cup of tea I chose an antique gold embroidery. Embroidery at the hem of the skirt gives it a good heavy fall at the bottom and makes the lehengas look relatively fuller at the bottom and narrower at the waist to take the attention of the broad waist (Pearls of wisdom from a not so perfect body gal!!). Embroidery which look like branches of a creeper going down from the waist to the tummy of the skirt will give the waist a longer look as opposing to the stocky wide waist I have. A round neck choli with embroidery on the neck will draw attention to my high collar bones making me look slimmer. Embroidery on the border of the dupatta will give the outfit  the bridal finish.

To accesorizse the look I choose an antique gold set with uncut diamond. A choker necklace, earrings, maang tikka and bangles along with heavy pink lips, smokey brown eyes and bronzer on the cheek would just about finish my look. I chose a maroon jooti with golden work and kundan gold payal to accessorize my feet.

pastedGraphic.pngThus I am all set for my nuptial vows ….